Gaye Chicoine: Author and Family Living Expert

Our whole family ran across Canada
and the US for a total of 15,000 kms.

Gaye Chicoine is a professional photographer by trade who loves to travel and experience the world. She is a mom to six life learning entrepreneurial young adults, and partner to husband Ed, chiropractor. After several years working in the photographic profession and teaching photography at the college level, Gaye became a full time mom and home-schooled—un-schooled all six children throughout their formative years and beyond.

In 1997, Gaye, her husband and children, aged three to twelve at the time, sold everything and drove from Canada to the bottom of South America and back, over a three and a half year period.

Upon their return, Gaye and Ed co-authored their first book, Out Our Back Door, Photos and Inspirational Thoughts that Nourish the Soul. Her second book Living Dreams, 1 Van, 3 Years, 2 Parents, 6 Kids, 15 Countries and Becoming a Functional Family published in 2007, documents the story that chronicled the family’s three year, overland journey. Since 2010 Gaye has been a regular bi-weekly food and recipe columnist for the local paper. The theme of The Food Lover’s Diary is local, seasonal and traditional foods. She has also written and published several articles on parenting and alternative education, and appeared on numerous radio and television programs.

Gaye has spent most of her adult life learning about and practicing how to use common plants for food and medicine. Her passion is preparing good tasting, health enhancing meals and sharing that information with anyone interested in making real food their first medicine. She is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher, oversees family businesses and is now online to share her knowledge with the rest of the world.


Dr. Ed Chicoine, Chiropractor

Our whole family ran across Canada
and the US for a total of 15,000 kms.

Dr. Ed Chicoine, BPHE, DC graduated from the University of Toronto in 1979 with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and became a chiropractor in 1983. He’s been delivering chiropractic care in Wakefield and Maniwaki, Quebec, and has a weekly radio show on wellness. He is the author of two books, one of which was a Canadian best-seller. During the family’s South American adventure, he helped introduce chiropractic to thousands of people in Peru, Chile and Brazil. Dr. Ed`s passion is to make sure his family maintains a high level of health and to share strategies of improved performance and longevity with as many people as possible.

“I strongly believe that everybody has the potential to achieve great health, lots of energy and an overall increase in vitality, when they are given the proper information and equipped with the right tools. Since graduating from chiropractic college in 1983 I`ve always strived to help as many people as possible and of all ages to achieve better health and I`ve literally invested many hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning different approaches to natural health restoration.

The life force that we possess inside of us is truly powerful and after all these years I am still excited to work with people and be a witness to health transformations.”

“Now that I`m in my sixties I feel as good as when I was in my thirties. Getting old does not have to be synonymous with pain and disease. My goal is to help others live as long as possible, while at the same time feel as young as possible. No hype, no claims of curing diseases, just practical information on steps you can take at home to improve how your body performs.



Thank you for entrusting your health in my hands. You can rest assured that I will do my best to help you achieve higher levels of health and vitality.”


Dr. Ed Chicoine, Chiropractor