Deficiency of Nature or Excess of Technology


Many of our health issues today stem from a deficiency of nature and an excess of technology. How did we go from fire to being fat and sick?


In a cave at the Cape of Good Hope at the tip of South Africa, they found remains scientists believe were the origin of man. This article is not meant as a detailed study of anthropology, primatology, archaeology and human evolution. I simply want to point out that man existed thousands and even millions of years ago and it is postulated that people that prospered the most were coastal people that ate fish.


The high levels of omega-3 fats found in fish allowed myelination to occur at a faster rate and thus more brain development. Myelin is the covering of nerves and along with the increase in myelination came an increase in nerve fibers, in inter-connections between nerve fibers and overall increase in size of the brain. As the brain grew, an enormous shift occurred in brain development around 100,000 years ago.


What separates humans from the other animals on the planet is our development of the front part of our brain which we call the frontal cortex. Without going into detailed neurology, the frontal cortex and associated structures is what allowed us to think, to invent, to communicate and to prosper.

The control of fire by early humans was a turning point in human evolution around 500,000 years ago. It provided warmth and protection, and allowed the creation of tools as well as improvement in technology. It also helped with further brain development through the cooking of food. Cooking unlocked more nutrition from the foods providing early humans with more nutrients.

For hundreds of thousands of years fire was the main source of energy and it was the center of homes, providing warmth and the ability to cook foods. Humans lived in harmony with nature, hunting and foraging for their food. For their very survival they practiced situational awareness; aware of the language of nature and complete respect for it.

Then, 10,000 years ago, agriculture became an organized part of the way people lived and sustained themselves. They were able to grow more food, and it provided more free time to create and invent technological advances. Our main source of energy went from fire to coal, to fuel and finally to nuclear.

Along with these technological advances came the growth of urban centers and a gradual detachment from nature.

The gains that we have received from our brain development and improvements in technology have provided extraordinary tools that we use on a daily basis to help us live more comfortably. While it has made our lives easier, it has also led to creating a long term tragedy. Scientific research is clearly showing that we are destroying our planet and to a large degree reducing our health potential.

The industrial revolution, fossil fuels, nuclear energy spills, plastics, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals of all sorts, and many other factors have led to pollution of the soils, the water and the air, which are crucial for our sustenance.

I don`t think there is any doubt in anybody`s mind that the earth is changing and mostly as a result of man`s actions and inactions. We prioritize saving and growing our economy and many times at the expense of nature. We have a large portion of the population all around the world living in urban centers and to a large part disconnected from nature.

One of the scariest things is how technology has altered our foods. A large portion of societies around the world consume refined, processed, predigested, genetically modified, pesticide and herbicide laden foods, even some labelled as healthy. This has led to a high incidence of obesity and chronic degenerative diseases that kill people before their time.

To save our lives and our future we need to go back in time and live in balance with nature, and use technology appropriately. With the Gamma Lifestyle Program we want to inspire people of all ages to reconnect with natural principles and eat real food. Thank you for giving us your attention and helping us in our quest to help as many people as we can to improve their health.


Dr. Ed Chicoine, Chiropractor

The information provided is for education purposes only. It`s not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition. If you have health problems, please consult with your doctor or other health professional before you make any major changes in your lifestyle.