What if Life had a Reboot Button?


I am not very tech or computer savvy, so the first thing that I do when I encounter a glitch or problem with my computer is to do a reboot. Most of the time, even though I don`t understand the situation, the reboot resolves the problem and the system is up and running in fine form. I always find it fascinating how such a simple process can resolve the problem very quickly.


Now imagine if we had a reboot system for the human body, where you can remove blockages and improve performance very simply and quickly. In our Gamma Lifestyle programme and our weekly health blogs, our goal is to provide you with information that will help improve your health potential because after 38 years of studying and working in the natural health care field we strongly believe that it is possible to create change in our bodies effectively and quickly by applying certain techniques. We have witnessed people dramatically improve their lives by taking specific actions even though they didn`t understand totally how it worked.


The human body is far superior to the computer because it is innately programmed to create and maintain health and optimum function. Unlike a computer, we possess the ability to recreate ourselves, where at conception that one master stem cell has the capacity to replicate and differentiate itself to form a whole human body. People call it the miracle of life and when you witness a birth, you are left in awe at the presence of this perfect little body that knows exactly how to breathe and how to suck for food. Having 6 kids with 5 of them born at home we have had the privilege and honor to bear witness to this phenomenon a lot.


When we grow up we tend to forget and take for granted that we still possess this amazing power and intelligence that knew how to create us from one cell. It works 24/7 to keep us alive with its chemical reactions, neurological circuits and feedback loops, all under control of the brain and mostly at the subconscious level.


It is important to understand that we exist in both the physical realm with our bodies and the non physical realm with our thoughts, emotions, aura and energy that permeates every cell to sustain life. Even though we cannot see gravity, the wind, electricity, radio waves, magnetic waves, and many other phenomena, we certainly can feel the effects of them. The most powerful forces in the universe are invisible and they affect us every day just like our thought processes, which were shaped from our upbringing and programming since birth.


To come back to our reboot analogy, even though we don`t totally understand the complete process and science has not been able to explain everything about the human body, we do have the ability to create change in our bodies for the better when we apply certain physical and non physical processes. Our goal with the Gamma Lifestyle Programme is to teach and inspire as many people and families as we can from around the world, on how to take control of their health in order to live a long and healthy life.


What if you could reprogram your mind to remove blockages that have prevented you from reaching your full potential, eat the foods that help you burn your fat and increase your energy, do the proper exercises that support your health and longevity, improve your immune system and prevent your body from experiencing the most common degenerative diseases that affect the majority of people today, and do this naturally using specific strategies?


My wife and I have made it our mission to learn as much as we can about improving health naturally by applying certain principles so we could teach and be an example for our children and now with the magic of the Internet we want to bring this to you. If you`re interested in leading a better quality of life follow us with our webinars, blogs, newsletters and videos as we embark on this journey of wellness together.


Dr. Ed Chicoine, Chiropractor

The information provided is for education purposes only. It`s not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition. If you have health problems, please consult with your doctor or other health professional before you make any major changes in your lifestyle.