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Disease-Proof Your Body

Proven Strategies to enhance human performance at any age, naturally.

With Dr. Ed Chicoine, Chiropractor


Live your life with health and vitality so you can:

  • Have lots of energy to do the things you love.
  • Be a great example to your children and show them that good health starts at home.
  • Lose unwanted fat and maintain your ideal weight.
    Feel more vital even as you grow older.
  • Reduce your chances of getting some of the common afflictions that we see today, especially with aging, so you can play with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  • Learn about simple actions that you can take at home to help restore and maintain better health.

Even if you are already implementing lots of ways to optimize your performance, you can still receive gems of good information to help you stay energized throughout your life, and especially help your kids and grand-children to grow up with the best health possible. What better gift to give yourself and your family members, than the gift of good health.


Dr. Ed have been teaching and sharing strategies for better health for the whole family, for many years. Since 2012, Dr. Ed has hosted his own weekly radio show on wellness and he has been helping people improve their health for over 30 years.

He has given presentations, online and in person, on numerous occasions and people appreciate the practical information that comes from a genuine interest to help people. It`s not just theoretical; it`s information and advice that has been used with great success with the Chicoine family.

This presentation on how to create and maintain optimum health is presented in a way that everyone can easily understand. It contains easy to do action steps that everybody can implement and see tangible results in a short period of time.


-If you’re frustrated with your current weight and can’t get rid of the unwanted fat clinging to your belly

-If you’ve tried workout programs and diets and seen little in the way of real results

-If you have difficulty maintaining a good energy level

-If you would like to learn about the best foods to eat and herbs that have medicinal effects

-If you want to be more proactive when it comes to your wellness

Then this presentation could help change your life.

That’s because you will:

-discover simple solutions to cool, calm and rebalance your hormones, quickly erasing impossible-to-lose belly fat
-learn many practical, easy-to-implement strategies to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.
-get wise to natural approaches you can use to live as long as possible, while at the same time feel as young as possible.

For the last 30 years, Dr. Ed has been on a journey to discover solutions to improve vitality that are natural and that anyone, regardless of age, can easily implement.


For example, at this moment there may be a chemical « hurricane » swirling deep inside your body. For some people, man-made, unhealthy, fat-ballooning chemicals are assaulting their metabolism 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, sending hormones spinning out of control, slowing down metabolism, causing chronic disease, aging the body prematurely and packing on additional unwanted fat.

Learn how to rebalance your good hormones and find out how feeling tired and fatigued can quickly be replaced with a fresh new vibrancy. And you’ll be excited when you learn how to actually slow down and even reverse visible signs of aging, looking and feeling younger than you have in years.

Everything that will be presented is backed up by hard science. You’ll not hear of any miraculous, unsubstantiated approaches. Just good, solid information!

” Over the many years that I’ve been seeing Dr. Ed, his treatments and sound health advice have been profoundly beneficial for my wellbeing. I was so pleased when he agreed with my suggestion of summarizing some of his health knowledge and experience and offering classes. He has a lot of proven information and easy to practice approaches for better health that I think would benefit many of us. ”

Hélène Giroux, Wakefield, Quebec

If you want to upgrade, energize and enhance your health and that of your children, invite Dr Ed Chicoine to come give a presentation.

You will learn about;

– feeding the cells of your body exactly what they need for optimum function and get the ideal hormonal response.

-cleansing and energizing your cells through exercise and other means to get the best performance from your body.

-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment strategies to enhance your total health.

Combining all the strategies that you will learn — easily done by anyone — will meaningfully impact your health and your life.

To Your Wellness and Longevity!

Dr. Ed Chicoine

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Fearless Family

No statue was ever erected for someone who just followed the crowd.

What would happen if your whole family worked together as a unit

-to accomplish a common goal
-to embrace change
-to confront fears
-to get out of your comfort zone
-to create opportunities
-to be innovative and always acting with integrity!

Does this look like something any group, company or corporation would like to accomplish?

Find out how the Chicoine family implemented specific strategies to create unforgettable, unique and out of your comfort zone family experiences.

-A three year trip to South America where we drove from Canada to the bottom of South America with six young kids aged three to twelve.
-A 7 month run across Canada and the United States with members of the family running in relay fashion, to cover a distance of 15,000 kilometres or 9,400 miles, while at the same time promoting wellness.
-Setting up family corporations and working together in several businesses.
-Attending various personal growth workshops as a family and having strategies for personal growth, exceptional health and abundance.

Meet Dr. Ed Chicoine, Chiropractor, and two of his children, Dayna and Karina as they share their experiences and:

-inspire you to take action
-help you create more success in your life
-help you lead others
-help you be a team player
-help you communicate more effectively
-help you adopt a healthy lifestyle and have abundant energy
-and more

This presentation or workshop can be adapted to many different scenarios, companies, organizations and corporations, who would like to incorporate positive changes and get inspired.