Maximize Your Family Life

Create a Healthy and Extraordinary Environment for Yourself and Your Family

Have More Stability, Less Stress, More Fun and a Greater Impact if you`d like to create a life for yourself and your family that is fully functional, supportive and filled with great health, based around simple strategies that are easy to implement, then reading this letter will become one of the best investments you can make.

Do you ever feel shackled to a lesser version of yourself, unable to completely overcome past actions or experiences, and this leaves you stuck as you strive for an ideal life – for yourself and your family?

Would you like to know how to feed your family healthy foods and get your kids to eat it so they can reach their peak potential?

Would you like to positively impact the lives of your children, grandchildren or anyone`s life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should meet Gaye and Ed
Chicoine, parents of six children, authors and creators of an online membership site called:

Gamma Lifestyle

Helping People And Families Function At A higher Level

Gaye Chicoine  is a professional photographer by trade, a mom to six life learning entrepreneurial young adults, and partner to husband Ed, chiropractor. She is the author of three books and a certified yoga teacher.

Gaye is admired by people in her local community, is considered the food guru, and serves as a model and inspiration for others who wish to create a happy, fulfilling and healthy family life.“The benefits our family gained from our chosen lifestyle soon became evident, not only to ourselves but also to the commuity around us.”

Dr. Ed Chicoine, BPHE, DC graduated from the University of Toronto in 1979 with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and became a chiropractor in 1983. He’s been delivering chiropractic care in Quebec, and has a weekly radio show on wellness. Dr. Ed`s passion is to make sure his family maintains a high level of health and to share strategies of improved performance and longevity with as many people as possible.

“I strongly believe that everybody has the potential to achieve great health, have lots of energy and an overall increase in vitality, when they are given the proper information and equipped with the right tools.”


“Looking back now, we had our challenges as a family, but overall, the direction we took has created much joy and fulfillment for all of us, and we feel such appreciation today for what we have accomplished. It is now time to share this with others.”


Imagine taking your family of six children, aged three to twelve, and driving in a van from Canada to the bottom of South America and back, over a three-and-a-half year period.

This adventure allowed us to learn so much about family dynamics and helped us create a strong positive bond that will last for the rest of our lives.

This adventure allowed us to learn so much about family dynamics and helped us create a strong positive bond that will last for the rest of our lives. Imagine again the idea of running as a family, in relay fashion across Canada and the United States, from the Pacific to the Atlantic and back to the Pacific, over 15,000 kilometers or 10,000 miles, for a period of 7 months, to raise awareness about wellness.

Another family adventure that allowed us to work together as a family, with common goals and a plan of action, to inspire people of all ages to take action and assume responsibility for their own well-being.


Our family received proclamations from Members of Parliament, Governors of States and Mayors of Major Cities. We were featured in a variety of newspapers, magazines, radio shows, TV programs and other media outlets, too numerous to mention, because of our uniqueness and accomplishments.

And it all started around implementing specific strategies

that anybody can do.


Can you envision having a specific strategy for yourself and your family that serves as a guide to help you create wellness, abundance and harmony, and attain the life you desire.

If you answered yes then you will love the online program we created.

Gamma Lifestyle, Helping people and families function at a higher level.

If you’re one of these 4 types of people, this program will help you.

1-You’re a father or a mother and you want the best for your family, no matter how old your children are.

2-You’re a grandparent and you would like to be a positive influence for your children and grandchildren.

3-You’re a soon to be parent and you would like to start now understanding what constitutes good family dynamics.

4-You’re single and you want to improve your life, and you understand that any tactic to improve family life can be applied to any personal situation.

What is Gamma Lifestyle and how can it help you create a successful path?

We chose the name Gamma because it reflects what we want to create in ourselves and our family.

Gamma rays are the most energetic waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, and Gamma brain waves are the fastest brainwave frequency. They are associated with feelings of blessing, peak concentration and extremely high levels of cognitive functioning. The rapid full sweep action of Gamma waves provides a state of peak mental and physical performance; that state of being “in the Zone,” where you feel that you can do anything.


Having sat around the Chicoine family kitchen table on a few occasions I am always awe struck by the exceptional taste of every dish Gaye prepares. I always feel good knowing that the food will enhance my health and I learn so much from her knowledge. When you combine the food with the meaningful conversations around the table it makes for a great experience. I would recommend anything that Gaye and Dr. Ed write, for your personal and family growth.   
Diane Gervais
Ottawa, Ontario.

I have found the Chicoine family to be a profound source of inspiration for me and in raising my family of 3 young boys!  The Chicoine family are a living example “anything is possible” and by creating life changing experiences for their children, they have helped shape their lives and allowed them to truly be what and who they are authentically.

Jennifer Blake
Owner and Director
Hoffman Supervising Teacher for Canada

My name is Stacey and my husband and I are parents to 5 teenage children.  We are blessed to have the company of knowing The Chicoine Family; wonderful, grounded and happy people.  They have been a source of guidance and inspiration since the birth of our children.  They have found a way to enjoy their own lives while sharing the gifts they have been given with others.  Optimal and natural health is paramount to everything they do.

Their children are well raised, friendly, polite, kind and everything parents hope for.  They are very connected in the community and live as their parents do, always giving back.

Anytime Gaye and Dr. Ed send out information or do a presentation I find their contribution so helpful and beneficial as we strive to create an optimal family life.

I cannot wait for the release of this cookbook; it has been a long time coming.  Their online education program will be an invaluable resource for our entire family and the many friends that ask me.

If you have landed on this website, bookmark it….it will not disappoint.  This small investment will reap rewards for years to come.

Randy & Stacey
Quebec Canada